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Fighting the Pain of Sexual Abuse Through Counseling

Posted on September 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

As a young child, I was sexually abused by a family friend. This thoughtless, abusive act has forever changed my life. It has not just changed who I am but how I see things, how I view myself, how I make decisions and how I live my life. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I have struggled with self-esteem and anger issues, trusting others, accepting help from others, self-injurious behavior and a host of other issues which I can directly connect with my abuse as a child.

For many years, I have attended therapy and have cycled through a number of different therapists and counselors. It is not that each of my counselors or therapists was not good as what they did. On the contrary, each professional with whom I worked in regard to my experience played an important role in my healing process. Each one, in some way, affected me positively in my continuing recovery.

My journey through counseling is not yet over, in fact, it is just at its beginning stages. For many years, I have attended individual counseling. In individual counseling, I have learned to discuss my fears and other emotions, understand where my underlying issues originate and how to control my emotions and avoid potentially dangerous situations. I have also attended group counseling which offers a dynamic like no other I have found in any of my other therapy. In group therapy, I associated with and found friends in other survivors and created a kinship that cannot be created in any other way than to have experienced similar situations. I learned new coping skills from other survivors and gained a sense of empowerment from the strong group of survivors with whom I attended the group.

As I have, you too can heal from your sexual abuse experience(s) with the assistance of sexual abuse counseling. Through counseling, you will learn new ways to deal with your experience and learn to love yourself for who you are. You will learn that the abuse was not and is not your fault because it is not. You can gain a healthier self-esteem and self-understanding. If you have been sexually abused, counseling can help!

Making Love From A Marriage Counseling Outlook

Posted on September 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Sex is essential in a marriage and there are several married couples that end up searching for marriage counseling simply because of the unsatisfying sex life. There are numerous facts that are usually mentioned and there are several solutions where you can actually improve your sex life as husband and wife. The dilemma is that we find ourselves creating mistakes because of the very simple reason that we can’t interact.

Talking About Sexual Intercourse

During marriage counseling you will be told numerous things but certainly no strategy could be helpful without talking effectively. The married couple needs to interact and it’s really important that you talk about making love with your better half if ever there is a conflict.

You must be mindful of something that you probably did not know till today. As time passes, married couples become self conscious whenever referring to sex and they might think it is really difficult to talk about affectionate and private issues. It will become simpler to perform the move rather than talking about this. Sad to say, in case the married couple cannot discuss about sex, it’s hard to better their sexual contact. Once the couple learns to go over intercourse, through marriage counseling sessions or a web based marriage counseling system, they are astonished at how open their spouse is to making developments. When you understand each other’s desires, dreads and issues, it’s a lot easier to address them.

Sex as Partner

The partner must be considered as the one individual with whom it’s comfortable to explore something. It’s tough though to attain that point due to the conflict that has been stated previously. Marriage counseling professionals will tell you that it’s a wrong decision to simply talk about sexual contact when you’re inside the bedroom. This is really a bad notion because the discussions are hardly ever going to be successful. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, it is much better to speak about it in a comfortable surroundings outside the bedroom.

When you could go over sexual contact, you have to really discuss about it. There are several partners that go through marriage counseling and say that they do talk about the subject. Then again, at a later point in time, they figure out that they cannot really talk about intercourse. It’s crucial that you see the sexual contact of your spouse as he or she views it.

There are plenty of partners that will wind up being discouraged during marriage counseling meetings considering that most partners don’t understand what their lovers truly need during sex. If you really love your spouse, you will strive to make it matter and to conduct things that he or she enjoys. As an illustration, if he/she has a fantasy, do all that you can to accomplish it. You can be guaranteed that the favor will be returned and the intimate sexual contact is going to be a lot better than it has ever been.

To summarize, marriage counseling and internet based marriage counseling programs tells us that it’s possible to enhance your sex life as well as how to take care of usual lovemaking problems. These methods coach you on how to securely converse about making love as well as how to fulfill each other outside and inside the bedroom. Try to open up and freely go over the topic with your husband or wife. You’ll be astonished of the effects!

Importance of Christian Sex Counseling Before Marriage

Posted on September 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

For the young generation, premarital sex is a trend and treated without reserved or respect. Christian sexual intimacy has become a habit rather than an intimate and sacred act between couples. Why the need for Christian sex counseling before marriage? There are people who do not think that premarital counseling is important. If you are serious in your marriage vows, you must undertake counseling in order to be prepared for the road ahead in your married life. One major aspect in a married life is the sexual activity between couple. Christian sex counseling is very important if you want to married life to last a lifetime.

Statistically, the number of divorced couples have considerably grown higher compared to the times when men and women do not hold equal position in the society. Christian sexual intimacy has increased since then and now is just a normal occurrence between two intimate people. When intending to get married, it is imperative that the couples are taught about the important of sexual intimacy and what it can do to affect your relationship. What commonly wrecks a good and happy family in the passing of time? There are so many factors that affect couples life especially during the first stages in their married life.

When you attend a Christian, pre-marital counseling what is usually part of the counseling topics is advising the couple not to have premarital sex. Why is Christian sexual intimacy highly discouraged? This is because once you have had sex already the concept of honey is totally eliminated. Instead of couples spending a quality time exploring and learning each other’s physical attributes, they end up getting bored with each other’s company. Once insightful comment offered by a hotel manager is that, a newly weds before when in their honey would be in their room the whole time enjoying and spending quality time together. However, the current trend is quite different, because most couples would be out in their room finding other companies to keep away boredom felt with each other’s company.

Premarital sex in the Christian sex counseling is the number one killer of marriage. Christian sexual intimacy prior to marriage spoils what you would have had after marriage. Intimacy is just like a battery, once overused it needs replacement. Overcharging causes drain which only buying a new one allows usage again. The same applies with married life. If you have had sex not just once but several times, then expect that you will have run out of attraction and secrets come the time of marriage. If that is the case, you will become among the lists of divorced couples long before you reach even your 10th year anniversary.

It is really very important if you want your marriage to be strong and constantly bonded to attend Christian sexual intimacy or Christian Sex Counseling if you want to have a successful marriage. A long and happy one with respect and love for one another that is what a perfect marriage is.